I’m an award-winning illustrator living and working in Trieste, Italy. After graduating in sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, I developed my artistic work especially in the field of drawing and illustration. In 2016, I obtained a master’s degree in editorial illustration at Mimaster in Milan.

My illustrations range from life drawing to designs inspired by the world of fashion, taking sometimes a measured approach, sometimes one that is more biting and seductive. In short, ranging from a conceptual spirit to one that is more impulsive and naive.

In the editorial field I have collaborated with the magazines Liber, In Trieste, Amherst Magazine and the publishing houses Lint Editoriale and Infinito Edizioni.

During the lockdown I collaborated with the New York based artist Peggy Roalf. Together we have created a “creative dialogue” based on the visual and emotional suggestions that emerged in those difficult days. The project is called Covid Journal and the illustrations make up a virtual gallery on IG.

In addition to these and other collaborations, I keep alive an independent artistic production, exhibiting at various group exhibitions and fairs both in Italy and abroad.

In 2021 and 2022 my work was recognized by American Illustration.


Interview published May 4, 2022 on DART – Design Arts Daily